Sigurd Angenent
University of Leiden, 1986
angenent at math dot wisc dot edu
Research Interests: nonlinear partial differential equations, geometric analysis, mathematics in biology
Research Description:

My recent research has been on classifying Ancient Solutions and finding soliton solutions to Ricci flow and Mean Curvature flow.  I am also interested in mathematical modeling of systems in cell biology.


Sergeui Denissov Sergey Denisov
Moscow State University, 1999
denissov at math dot wisc dot edu
Research Interests: Analysis, Mathematical Physics
Research Description:

I work on problems in approximation theory, complex and harmonic analysis, and spectral theory. I also study mathematical theory of fluids and wave propagation.

Mikhail Feldman
UC Berkeley, 1994
Research Interests: Nonlinear PDEs
Research Description:

I am interested in nonlinear PDE and free boundary problems. My recent research include study of shock reflection in gas dynamics, which involves study of free boundary problems for nonlinear degenerate-elliptic equations. I also work on semigestrophic system of PDE, which models atmospheric flows, and this work involves methods related to Monge-Kantorovich mass transport theory.

Xianghong Gong Xianghong Gong
gong {at} math {dot} wisc {dot} edu
Research Description:

My research is in several complex variables and dynamical systems. I have worked on normal forms of real submanifolds in C^n. I am interested in derivative estimates for solutions of the d-bar equation on domains whose boundaries have minimum smoothness.  My recent research includes using d-bar solution operators to study the stability of deformations of complex structures on a domain.

Shaoming Guo Shaoming Guo
Assistant Professor
University of Bonn 2015
shaomingguo {at} math {dot} wisc {dot} edu
Research Interests: Harmonic Analysis
Research Description:

My research is in harmonic analysis and its connections to analytic number theory and geometric measure theory.


Mihaela Ifrim Mihaela Ifrim
Associate Professor
UC Davis 2012
ifrim {at} math {dot} wisc {dot} edu
Research Interests: Nonlinear PDEs, Dispersive Equations, Fluid Dynamics
Research Description: Mihaela's research is in partial differential equations, more precisely she is interested in nonlinear hyperbolic PDE’s with an emphasis on fluid dynamics. Over the years her mathematical interests have broadened, extending in many directions, from incompressible to compressible flows within fluid dynamics, but also from fluids to other nonlinear dispersive hyperbolic models.  Her recent work has roughly been following two threads (i) the analysis of the two-dimensional water wave equations, which govern the evolution of a free fluid surface, or of the interface between two fluids, and (ii) the analysis of free  boundary problems for several compressible Euler type flows. In addition to these two main research directions, Mihaela's research interests have also extended to the field of nonlinear wave equations, which ties directly to very interesting projects related to in General Relativity.


Chanwoo Kim Chanwoo Kim
Associate Professor
Brown University 2011 {at} math {dot} wisc {dot} edu
Research Interests: Applied PDEs (kinetic theory, fluid dynamics)
Research Description:

I am interested in applied PDEs in the fields of kinetic theory and related areas. My recent research include study of hydrodynamic limit from the Boltzmann equation toward various fluid models.  I also work on long time behavior of the Vlasov equation, which models plasma and galaxies.

Simon Marshall Simon Marshall
Associate Professor
Princeton University, 2010
marshall {at} math {dot} wisc {dot} edu
Research Interests: Automorphic forms, symmetric spaces
Research Description:

I study problems in the analytic theory of automorphic forms, and harmonic analysis on symmetric spaces. These include questions about counting the number of automorphic forms in families, and understanding the asymptotic behaviour of eigenfunctions with large eigenvalue.