Andreas Seeger

May 13-17, 2019, Van Vleck Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison Confirmed Speakers: Tess Anderson, David Beltran, Jonathan Bennett, Stefan Buschenhenke, Anthony Carbery, Michael Christ, Ciprian Demeter, Xiumin Du, Polona Durcik, Gustavo Garrigós, Allan Greenleaf, Philip Gressman, Shaoming Guo, Kornélia Héra, Jonathan Hickman, Alexandru Ionescu, Alex Iosevich, Jongchon Kim, Sanghyuk Lee, Dominique Maldague, Mariusz Mirek, Detlef Müller, Andrea Nahmod, Lillian Pierce, Malabika Pramanik, Keith Rogers, Joris Roos, Christopher Sogge, Christoph Thiele, Ana Vargas, Hong Wang, James Wright, Po Lam Yung, Ruixiang Zhang

Organizing Committee: Alex Nagel, Richard Oberlin, Betsy Stovall, Brian Street 

During the banquet on Wednesday (May 15), we will celebrate the mathematical contributions of our colleague Andreas Seeger. 

Supported in part by Steenbock Professorship Funds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) has provided support through its Participating Institution (PI) Program. PI members may use IMA/PI funds to support personnel’s travel to this conference. 

The Madison Lectures in Fourier Analysis is supported by an NSF conference grant, and the Postdoctoral Symposium is supported by an individual grant from the NSF. 

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