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in Memoriam

Askey, Richard

at UW from 1963-2003
died in 2019
Princeton, 1961
Research: harmonic analysis of special functions, orthogonal polynomials and special functions, and special functions related to group theory.


at UW from 1958-2009
died in 2014
Yale University, 1956
Research:  Geometry, linear search, flows, academic freedom

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Chover, Josh

at UW from 1956-1993
died in 2020
University of Michigan, 1952
Research:  probability theory and stochastic processes

Connor, Howard

at UW from 1962-1995
died in 2014
MIT, 1961
Researchlinear algebra and matrix theory

Dickey, Ronald "Wayne"

at UW from 1967-2009
died in 2013
NYU, 1965
Research: Dynamics of Elastic Structures

Fadell, Ed

at UW from 1955-1993
died in 2018
Ohio State University, 1952
Research: Algebraic Topology, Fixed Point Theory

In Memoriam:  Ed Fadell

Gunji, Hiroshi

at UW from 1966-2001
died in 2017
Johns Hopkins, 1962
Research: Number Theory

Remembering Hiroshi Gunji

Harvey, John
at UW from 1966-2001
died in 2007
Tulane, 1961
Research: Mathematics and Computer Education

Husseini, Sufian



at UW from 1961-2001
died in 2017
Princeton, 1960
Research: algebraic topology, on topics such as loop spaces and configuration spaces

Remembering Sufian Husseini

Johnson, Arnold

at UW from 1966-2006
died in 2014
Notre Dame, 1965
Research:  Classical Groups

Kunen, Kenneth

at UW from 1968-2008
died in 2020
Stanford, 1968
Research: set theory, automated deduction, topology, measure theory.
In Memoriam:

Levin, Jacob 
at UW from 1963-1997
died March, 2008
M.I.T., 1953
Research: Integral Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations

Levy, Larry

at UW 1961-1999
died in 2014

Research:structure of noetherian modules and related topics.

Miles, Phil 
at UW 1960-2000 
died November 8, 2011
Yale University, 1960
Research: Curriculum Development

Millar, Terry

at UW, 1976-2015
died March 9, 2019
Cornell, 1976
Research: computable model theory

Rider, Daniel 
at UW 1968-2003, died July 11, 2008
University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1964
Research: Harmonic and Fourier Analysis

Rudin, Mary Ellen

at UW from 1959-1991
died on March 18, 2013
Univeristy of Texas, 1949
Research:  Set-Theoretical Topology

Rudin, Walter 
at UW from 1959-1991
died on May 20, 2010
Duke University, 1949
Research: Complex and Harmonic Analysis
Russell, David

at UW from 1965-1988
died on Oct. 4, 2015
University of Minnesota, 1964

Research: ordinary and partial differential equations, systems theory, elasticity, mathematical modelling, and control theory


Schneider, Hans

at UW from 1959-1993
died in 2014
Edinburgh University, 1952
Research: Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis


Shen, Mei-Chang

at UW from 1965-1996
died in 2013
Brown University, 1963
Research: Asymptotic Methods in Fluid Dynamics

Solomon, Louis

at UW from 1969-2000
died in 2020
Harvard University, 1958
Research:  reflection groups, Coxeter groups. descent algebra, hyperplane arrangements

Strangman, Kay

Senior Lecturer at UW from 1983-2002
M.A. from Illinois Inst. of Technology, 1966
Taught classes:  

  • numerical analysis courses in CS Department
  • calculus sequence in the Math Department
  • quantitative reasoning for Math Education students

died in 2016

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