Virtual Logic Seminars Worldwide

There are two fairly complete virtual logic seminar lists maintained by Miguel Moreno and by Anton Bernshteyn.

Two particularly popular, completely virtual logic seminars:

UW Logic Seminar Schedule

All talks in the academic year 2020-21 will be virtual. Links are provided below.

The regular "virtual" meeting time is Mondays at 3:30PM (Central Time) during the spring semester 2021 (joining the Midwest Computability Seminar) roughly every other week, and with some joint meetings Tuesdays at 4PM (Central Time) with the Midwest Model Theory Seminar).

The recurring Zoom link for the Midwest Computability Seminar is:

Meeting ID: 997 5433 2165, Passcode: midwest

The recurring Webex link for the Midwest Model Theory Seminar is:

Meeting number: 126 507 5533, Password: (stable, but ask me if you don't have it, it is different from the password in fall 2020!)

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