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Seminar or Meeting Day Time Place Organizer
Algebra and Algebraic Geometry F 2:25pm Online Dima Arinkin
AMS Student Chapter Seminar W 3:20pm   Michel Alexis, David Wagner, Patrick Nicodemus, Son Tu
Analysis T 4pm Online  David Beltran, Andreas Seeger

Applied Algebra

R 11am Online

Shamgar Gurevich, Jose Rodriguez, Julia Lindberg

Applied & Computational Math F 2:25pm Online Qin Li, Saverio Spagnolie, Jean-Luc Thiffeault
Colloquium F 4pm Online Jose Rodriguez, Vadim Gorin
Combinatorics M (fall only) 2:25pm   Paul Terwilliger 
Department Meetings Th 3:30pm Online Chair
Dynamics W 2:30pm Online Chenxi Wu
Geometry & Topology F 1:20pm Online Shaosai Huang
Graduate Algebraic Geometry  W 4:00pm Online Colin Crowley, David Wagner
Graduate Analysis W 4:00pm Online  Shaoming Guo, Betsy Stovall
Graduate Geometry and Topology  W 4:00pm Online Ben Branman, Becky Eastham, Ben Wright
Graduate Logic Seminar T 4:00pm Online Jun Le Goh
Graduate Logic Social Meet Up T 3:30pm Online Jun Le Goh
Graduate Probability Seminar T 2:30pm Online Benedek Valko
GPS Number Theory T 2:30pm Online Hyun Jong Kim
Yu Fu
IFDS Ideas Forum M 2:30pm Online Steve Wright, Sebastien Roch
Lie Theory Seminar W (fall only) 2:25pm   Paul Terwilliger 
Logic 3:30pm Online Steffen Lempp
Math Circles M 6:00pm   Uri Andrews, Omer Mermelstein
Matroids Seminar F 9:10am Online Jose Rodriguez, Botong Wang
Number Theory & Representation Theory Th 2:30pm Online Yousheng Shi
PDE & Geometric Analysis M 3:30pm Online Chanwoo Kim,  Hung Tran
PDE Reading Seminar F 2:30pm Online Chanwoo Kim
Physical Applied Math R 4:00pm   Jean-Luc Thiffeault & Saverio Spagnolie
Probability Th 2:30pm Online Vadim Gorin
Research Recruitment Seminar varies varies   Lorenzo Najt
SIAM Seminar F 11:40am   Xiao Shen
SILO W 12:30 pm Online Rob Nowak
Statistics W 4:00pm Online  
Topology and Singularities Seminar M 10:00am Online Laurentiu Maxim, Botong Wang
Women in Math at Wisconsin varies      
Wisconsin Mentorship Program for Women in Mathematics and Science W 6:00pm   Tullia Dymarz

These are the standard times and places. These websites will also show talks given at non-standard times and places. Special lectures and talks will appear on the Math Departments homepage.

Seminars elsewhere recommended/attended by UW colleagues

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