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Welcome to UW-Madison!

UW-Madison is fortunate to have a large and diverse population of special students. In an effort to serve all students attending UW-Madison, special students are welcome to enroll in courses taught by the Math Department. The department will take the necessary and appropriate steps to audit special students for course prerequisites and/or preparation, and will offer course advising where requested or warranted. Enrollment depends on department permission and space availability for courses.

For summer term: please be sure to review the UW-Madison Summer Term visiting student page in addition to Math Department-specific information.

Special Student Types & How to Become One

Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) has information on the different types of special and guest student types, as well as how to become one.

Enrollment Request Forms & FAQs

High School Specials & (Senior) Guest Auditors: please see the High School Student, Guest Auditor, or Senior Guest Auditor pages to learn about program-specific enrollment policies.

Students should review the enrollment prerequisites VERY carefully to determine if they do, in fact, feel qualified to take the math course they wish to enroll in. Note that math some courses—like MATH 535—have a COMP SCI prerequisite.

Special students should NOT contact individual instructors in the Math Department for course enrollment permissions. Course enrollment for the Math Department is not managed by individual instructors.

Rather, special students should fill out an enrollment request form for a particular semester to request enrollment permission for courses.

Special students should also review our FAQ page for answers to more common questions.

Courses & Enrollment

A list of math course descriptions, prerequisite information, credit loads, etc., can be found via the Guide.

For access to the Course Search & Enroll app—which is used to browse course sections, view course information, and enroll in courses—please see here for directions. Note that not every course is offered each semester, but certain courses are offered frequently or, in some cases, every semester (i.e., linear algebra, calculus, probability, etc.).

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