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The seminar meets on Fridays at 2:25 pm in room B113.
We changed the name. Here is the [https://www.math.wisc.edu/wiki/index.php/Algebra_and_Algebraic_Geometry_Seminar_Spring_2018 new seminar page].
Here is the schedule for [[Algebraic Geometry Seminar Spring 2017 | the previous semester]].
<!--, [[Algebraic Geometry Seminar Spring 2018 | the next semester]], and for [[Algebraic Geometry Seminar | this semester]]. -->
==Algebraic Geometry Mailing List==
*Please join the [https://admin.lists.wisc.edu/index.php?p=11&l=ags AGS Mailing List] to hear about upcoming seminars, lunches, and other algebraic geometry events in the department  (it is possible you must be on a math department computer to use this link).
== Spring 2018 Schedule ==
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|January 26
|[http://homepages.math.uic.edu/~tmoulinos/ Tasos Moulinos (UIC)]
|[[#Tasos Moulinos|TBA]]
|February 23
|Aron Heleodoro (Northwestern)
|[[#Aron Heleodoro|TBA]]
|March 9
|[http://www-personal.umich.edu/~ptoste/ Phil Tosteson (Michigan)]
|[[#Phil Tosteson|TBA]]
|April 20
|Alena Pirutka (NYU)
|[[#Alena Pirutka|TBA]]
|April 27
|Alexander Yom Din (Caltech)
|[[#Alexander Yom Din|TBA]]
== Abstracts ==
===Tasos Moulinos===
'''Derived Azumaya Algebrais and Twisted K-theory'''
Topological K-theory of dg-categories is a localizing invariant of dg-categories over <math> \mathbb{C} </math>
taking values in the <math> \infty </math>-category of  <math> KU </math>-modules. In this talk I describe a relative version
of this construction; namely for <math>X</math> a quasi-compact, quasi-separated <math> \mathbb{C} </math>-scheme I construct a
functor valued in the <math> \infty </math>-category of sheaves of spectra on <math> X(\mathbb{C}) </math>, the complex points of <math>X</math>. For inputs
of the form <math>\operatorname{Perf}(X, A)</math> where <math>A</math> is an Azumaya algebra over <math>X</math>, I characterize the values
of this functor in terms of the twisted topological K-theory of <math> X(\mathbb{C}) </math>. From this I deduce
a certain decomposition, for <math> X </math> a finite CW-complex equipped with a bundle <math> P </math> of projective
spaces over <math> X </math>, of <math> KU(P) </math> in terms of the twisted topological K-theory of <math> X </math> ; this is
a topological analogue of a result of Quillen’s on the algebraic K-theory of Severi-Brauer
===Aron Heleodoro===
===Alexander Yom Din===

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We changed the name. Here is the new seminar page.