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General Information: Cookie seminar will take place on Mondays at 3:30 in the 9th floor lounge area. Talks should be of interest to the general math community, and generally will not run longer then 20 minutes. Everyone is welcome to talk, please just sign up on this page. Alternatively I will also sign interested people up at the seminar itself. As one would expect from the title there will generally be cookies provided, although the snack may vary from week to week.

To sign up please provide your name and a title. Abstracts are welcome but optional.

Seminar talks:

September 24

Speaker Diane Holcomb
Title The Probabilistic method (using probability to solve questions in other areas of mathematics)

October 1

Speaker Jean-Luc Thiffeault
Title The mathematics of juggling (with no physical demonstration whatsoever)

October 8

Speaker Nicos Georgiou
Title Growth models on the Quadrant

October 15


October 22

Speaker Joel Robbin
Title Parking a Car and Lie Brackets.

This is an account of Ed Nelson's explanation of Lie brackets and car parking on pages 33-36 of his 1967 book on Tensor Analysis (see It may become an exercise in Diermar Salamon's version (see of my Differential Geometry course from 1982 (see My current writeup is at

October 29

Speaker Seymour Parter
Title Life in a Closed City: Los Alamos, NM Circa 1951

November 5

Speaker Silas Johnson
Title Arrow's impossibility theorem

November 12

Speaker Paul Tveite
Title Solvability of Games

November 19

Speaker Special Seminar
Title Teaching opportunities in the math department

November 26