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Looking to come talk at matroids seminar? Don't know what to talk about? Look no further! This page houses the world's finest selection of matroid-related talk ideas that we'd like to hear. Feel free to pile on your own ideas.

  • Kashyap, Navin; Soljanin, Emina; Vontobel, Pascal Applications of Matroid Theory & Combinatorial Optimization to Information and Coding theory
  • Matroids in coding theory
  • Matroids in combinatorial optimization
  • Matroids in information theory
  • The same set of authors wrote a series of three papers called “Log-Concave Polynomials I, II, & III”. In first two, they (lightly but crucially) apply results from Hodge Theory of Combo Geo & Botong and June Huh’s paper to develop new basis counting algorithms (I think this was a problem that Jose brought up at our first meeting). In the final one provides “a self-contained proof of Mason’s strongest conjecture”, a result that strengthens the log-concavity result of Hodge Theory for Combo Geo