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Number Theory – Representation Theory Graduate Student Seminar, University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • When: Tuesdays, 2:30pm–3:30pm
  • Where: Van Vleck B131

The purpose of this seminar is to have a talk on each Tuesday by a graduate student to help orient ourselves for the Number Theory Seminar talk on the following Thursday. These talks should be aimed at beginning graduate students, and should try to explain some of the background, terminology, and ideas for the Thursday talk.

Spring 2014 Semester

Date Speaker Title (click to see abstract)
Feb 11 (Tues.) Silas Johnson tba
Feb 18 (Tues.) Andrew Bridy tba
Feb 25 (Tues.) Daniel Hast tba
Mar 4 (Tues.) No talk --
Mar 11 (Tues.) Yueke Hu Local integrals of triple product L-function and subconvexity bound
Mar 18 (Tues.) Spring break! Spring break
Mar 25 (Tues.) No talk --
Apr 1 (Tues.) No talk --
Apr 8 (Tues.) Daniel Ross tba
Apr 15 (Tues.) Ryan Julian tba
Apr 22 (Tues.) Yihe Dong tba
Apr 29 (Tues.) No talk --
May 6 (Tues.) Megan Maguire tba


Robert Harron

Sean Rostami

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