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Spring 2016 Semester

Date Speaker (click for homepage) Title (click for abstract)
Jan 26 David Bruce Counting Categorically
Feb 2 Ewan Dalby Representation theory and random walks on finite groups
Feb 9 Daniel Hast The Local-to-Global Principle and Approximation Theorems
Feb 16 Wanlin Li Conductors and Minimal Discriminants of Elliptic Curves
Feb 23 Jason Steinberg Borcherds product expansions
Mar 1 Brandon Alberts Heights on Projective Space
Mar 8 Joseph Gunther moved to Thursday
Mar 15 Megan Maguire Stable and Unstable Homology of Configuration Spaces
Mar 22 Spring Break, no talk
Mar 29 Jiuya Wang Introduction to Honda-Tate Theory
Apr 5 Vlad Matei Random Matrix theory and L-functions
Apr 12 Soumya Sankar On the p-torsion of abelian varieties over characteristic p
Apr 19 Solly Parenti What's the point of curves of genus greater than 1?
Apr 26 Zachary Charles Schoof's algorithm for counting points on elliptic curves
May 3 Daniel Ross Introduction to additive combinatorics


Brandon Alberts (blalberts@math.wisc.edu)

Megan Maguire (mmaguire2@math.wisc.edu)

Ryan Julian (mrjulian@math.wisc.edu)

The seminar webpage for last semester, Fall 2015, is here.

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