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Girls Math Night Out!

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*Fall 2020/ Spring 2021*

Girls Math Night Out!

9th floor lounge (911), Van Vleck Hall*

First meeting: by appointment

UW Madison Campus
Snacks will be served!!

Girls Math Night Out! is a free program offered by the Department of Mathematics at UW Madison. It aims to create an inclusive and non-competitive environment to encourage high school students who are women or gender minorities to pursue mathematics and the sciences. Over 8 weeks students will work with graduate student mentors on a project which they will then present to each other and their families at the last meeting.*

*If you are interested in a virtual Girls Math Night Out! experience please email

Topics included in the past:

  • Tiling with Domino shapes (basic geometry)
  • Fractals (geometry, algebra)
  • Cryptography (algebra)
  • Epidemics (Precalculus, AP Calculus AB)
  • Weather Modeling with Dynamical Systems (AP Calculus BC)

Contact: Prof. Dymarz (

Please, let us know

  • your name,
  • high school and math teacher,
  • the math course you are currently taking,
  • if Wednesday is not an option, which other days of the week you can meet with your mentor.

More information

The mentorship program provides an opportunity for high school women or gender minorities with an interest in math and science to interact with students and professors in the UW-Madison math department. This project-based, non-competitive program allows students to work on interesting and challenging projects relating to math and its applications to the real world. Past projects have been on math and epidemiology, chaos and the weather, and number theory and computer encryption. All students who have taken algebra or above are welcome, and our projects are designed for students with backgrounds ranging from algebra to BC calculus.

Meeting times: This year the program times will be arranged on an individual basis. 


Staff: The program is run by Tullia Dymarz and a fantastic group of student volunteers.

History: Now in its 14th year, this program was originally created with a grant from the National Science Foundation to integrate education, teaching, and research. The program is now one of the yearly outreach programs of the UW-Madison mathematics department.

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